Kitesurfing in Lefkada

Lefkada Island is a popular destination because of its amazing kitesurfing spots. Some beaches, such as Agios Ioannis and Vassiliki, are extremely famous thanks to the kitesurfing activities that take place there every year. This Ionian Island has unique weather conditions because of the strong thermal winds (up to 25 knots) and kitesurfers from all around the world visit Lefkada in order to practice their favorite sport.

Lefkada View Villa is an ideal choice for families or friends that practice kitesurf since the Villa is very close to some of the most famous kitesurf beaches/spots. In particular, it is 15 minutes away from Agios Nikolaos, 6 minutes away from Nissaki Beach (Gefiraki) and 9 minutes away from Myloi Beach (Mili Beach).

In the exterior of the villa, there is a lawn, which is ideal for the easy cleaning of the kitesurfing equipment. From May to September, there is plenty of air along with sunshine every day in the area where the villa is located.

In fact, the wind blows quite strong from one o'clock to six in the afternoon, even during the sunset. Sometimes, the wind might reach 20 knots too.

Therefore, a person of about 75 kg and twintip should bring a 12m2 and a 9-10m2 sail for stronger wind that may arise some days.




From Agia Varvara to Mili Beach

myloi beach


From Agia Varvara to Agios Nikolaos Kite Club

Kite Club


From Agia Varvara to Nissaki Beach (Gefiraki)